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HHA new yrs resolution

So, my new year's resolution is basically to stop reading so much and start writing more... Thus here, this blog...  A few minor points of clarification as we start: 1) I kinda started out about 2 months ago by posting very brief record reviews on facebook; the point being simply that those were all things that I wished somebody had told me about, ergo somebody else might want to also get a heads up. 2) I'm purely seeing this as some sort of notebook / journal / diary / sketchbook. In contrast to #1, there are >156 million blogs out there, so I'm hoping this remains utterly obscure. 3) I'm trying to process >35 years of reading & research into something that I think is worth communicating. To quote Stewart Home from his introduction to Cranked Up Really High, "...the point of accumulating info is to marshal it into an argument..." I suspect I'll largely be talking about comic books, music, philosophy, and some odd bits of history that I think should get some more notice and/or consideration. In ideal blog terms, that should probably be 4 blogs, but I just don't have time for that kind of thing - hopefully I'll do the tagging appropriately...

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