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heavy rotation: Garmonbozia

another gem from last year's deep dive into punk sounds.. Minneapolis' Garmonbozia, a crust punk band with a cellist front and center. Unfortunately I know next to nothing about them, and can't recall how I ended up finding out about them :( and most of the information I can find online is just copy & paste from the same 1 or 2 press releases...

And I don't really know anything else that sounds like this... maybe like GYBE with Tom Cora doing Rudimentary Peni covers? I'm tempted to describe their music as 'atmospheric' --- but that may be misleading: those atmospheric conditions would be storm clouds gathering... Garmonbozia end up being a lot more gloomily melodic than what I would usually associate w/ 'crust', largely because the cello parts are front & center, not just filigree...

As best as I've been able to determine, their discography is entirely composed of the 2004 self-titled 7-song mini-LP on Profane Existance, an Amebix cover on thew 2008 Profane Existence comp Global Rebellion, and one side of a posthumous split LP with Silence Means Death from 2011 entitled A Cessation of Thunder.

Listening to their s/t album gives me chills...

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{in addition to the lack of info on Garmonbozia, there is at least one other band using that name, and most searches on the name would turn up Twin Peaks references...}