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new shit coming out that probably sucks… state of comics 2013

flashback a bit ... I quit paying attention to comics for the nth time around 2007 - Alan Moore's America's Best Comics imprint had folded, and Warren Ellis' runs on Plantary & Nextwave were wrapping up. There just was not a lot to keep me interested in getting to the comic book store. Skip forward to about 2010 or 2011 and I realized somehow that I really like the vast majority of what Warren Ellis and Brian Michael Bendis had written. This kept me paying attention to comics for a while as I read a bunch of back issues, and managed to pick up on the awesomeness that entails Brandon Graham, James Stekoe, Colleen Coover, and the Immonens... However, Warren Ellis dropped out of the field about a year ago, and Bendis' writing has seemed strained (as in "six-plus scripts every month and tapping out quickly....") for the last 6 months or so... the "Marvel NOW" rebrand seemed like it'd be a step in the right direction, but it just managed to tank out everything. Kathryn Immonen's Journey Into Mystery was a breath of fresh air at first, but now is embedding itself back into mainstream continuity and sort of not going anywhere :( Bendis' X-men runs are particularly uninteresting, as if he'd lost interest in anything about anything (the obnoxiousness of those characters probably doesn't help much either...) Fraction & Allred's FF run has not panned out to be anywhere near as awesome as that lineup should be capable of. On the other hand, the Hawkeye book by Fraction & Aja is hands down the best thing that Fraction has done since Casanova, and is probably the best mainstream book since Ellis & Immonen's Nextwave. The end result of all this is that I've massively lost interest in the world of comic books... still gonna be paying attention to the Immonens, Coover, Graham, Stekoe, Chris Ware, Matt Howarth, Darwyn Cooke and probably a couple others, but these people get books on the stands so infrequently... prob gonna stop commenting on comics regularly and trying to get back to the music thing... yay...

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comics coming out 2/6/13 that probably don’t completely suck

Brandon Graham's Multiple Warheads is wrapping up w/ #4. + Hellboy In Hell #3...

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comics that came out 1/23/13 that probably didn’t completely suck

last week had: Brandon Graham's Prophet #33 & Darwyn Cooke's Minutemen #6 (series conclusion yay)

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comics coming out 1/16/13 that probably don’t completely suck

Well, once more Marvel tricks me out of a couple bucks by letting elder god Stuart Immonen draw All New X-men #6. Image is putting out the collected Paul Pope book "One Trick Rip-Off / Deep-Cuts" which may or may not have stuff I don't already have... And presumably Creator Owned Heroes #8 will have some Darwyn Cooke, but again don't know if that is just more reprints....

............... edit 1/16/13 ................. they really did trick me .... Immonen drew the cover but not the insides .... need to pay more attention .... disgruntled ....

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comics coming out 12/19/12 that probably don’t completely suck

looks like a huge week... Brandon Graham's Multiple Warheads #3, Tonci Zonjic's Where is Jake Ellis #2, Immonen's All-New X-men #4, the other Immonen's Journey Into Mystery #647. Also noted that I missed this from recent weeks: Creator Owned Heroes #6 & #7 included Darwyn Cooke shorts...

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comics coming out 12/5/12 that probably don’t completely suck

good & interesting week coming up:

Darwyn Cooke's Before Watchmen: Minutemen #5

Hellboy in Hell #1 - Mignola's first many years on Hellboy rank up there in the perfect comics zone. Post-Hollywood, and with Mignola delegating art chores, I didn't care so much... But he's back...

Evan Dorkin's latest in House of Fun #1

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comics that came out 11/28/12 that probably didn’t completely suck

Brandon Graham's Multiple Warheads #2

Brandon Graham's Prophet #31


comics coming out 11/21/12 that probably don’t completely suck + Marvel Now commentary

Been too busy with life to keep this updated the last few weeks, have a serious backlog of music to review, but fortunately nothing in comic book that looks like it probably won't suck in the last few weeks... but...

Since Warren Ellis appears to have retired (hopefully temporarily?) from comics, my only really contact with (new) mainstream comics recently has been perusing whatever it is Brian Michael Bendis has worked on -- usually something like 2 new books/week :P -- and maybe Jeff Parker's work on Thunderbolts/Dark Avengers -- and running down the Abnett & Lanning recent run of Guardians of the Galaxy (although I missed that completely until after it was over...)

The end of Warren Ellis & Stuart Immonen's Nextwave: Agents of HATE was one of the driving factors that ended up with me giving up on comics a few years ago (along with the end of Ellis & Cassaday's Planetary and a bunch of other factors...) But it was finding out about Immonen & Bendis' run on Ultimate Spider-Man that was one of the factors that led me back into the comic book store a few years later. Stuart Immonen really plusses everything he works on, and he tends to work with those few really good writers... it should be some kind of testament to his ability that his work actually got me to read a Spider-Man comic after ~30 years...

There's another Immonen out there: Kathryn Immonen.... whose work as a comic book writer I also really really like. My first exposure was probably that Patsy Walker: Hellcat minseries, and she's also got a stint on Runaways, and a few other miniseries - Pixie Strikes Back, Herald, and Wolverine & Jubilee - for Marvel. The pair of Immonens also did a couple indie books together - Never as Bad as You Think, & Moving Pictures - which are A+.

The thing about S. Immonen, the thing that he gets that a lot of comics artists don't get is the feeling of dynamics, the feeling of motion... his panels appear to be snapshots of stuff in motion, which is something that significantly disappeared esp in the 90's with adobe photoshop & photo-ref... While the thing about K. Immonen is that she ties her stories in with a real sense of myth- & legend- level sense of wonder. She manages to catch a wave of storytelling (ref the Hellcat miniseries) that mirrors a timeless wonder of fairy tales (ref similar to what Mignola did in Hellboy.)

Anyway... earlier this year I was doing my daydreaming, y'know - what would I do if won the lottery type of stuff... and basically I would've bought or started a comic book publisher, and hire a dream team... I'll have to recreate that list, but it would probably be something like: Stuart & Kathryn Immonen, Darywn Cooke, Colleen Coover, Brandon Graham, James Stekoe, Matt Howarth, Gabriel Ba, Fabio Moon, Paul Pope, Mike Allred, Jay Stephens, Skottie Young, Tonci Zonjic, Jeff Parker, Evan Dorkin, and hopefully Warren Ellis, Brian Michael Bendis, and Alan Moore, maybe Matt Fraction (if he can get nack to Casanova groove)... and just set them free to do whatever they wanted to do --- as long as what they did was FUN, which was something that comic books have been sorely lacking (since about the mid-80s.) And as long as Kathryn Immonen & Colleen Coover would work on a Night Nurse/Hellcat/Shanna the She-Devil anthology title... and somebody resurrects Nextwave, Agents of Atlas, and Guardians of the Galaxy... but I digress...

Well, what does any of this have to anything.... I was just about to give up on paying attention to mainstream comics (yet again) --- largely because of the atrocious Avengers vs X-men crossover event (which everyone involved should be thoroughly ashamed of) {...but that's another story...} --- when Marvel announces their rebranding of most of their core titles under as "Marvel Now" (whatevs). Significant is Bendis & S Immonen launching something called All-New X-Men, Fraction & Allred working on FF, Bendis moving to Guardians of the Galaxy, & K Immonen taking over writing on Journey Into Mystery....

So, I manage to get a couple of my wishes...

Frankly, the idea of reading (much less buying) an X-men comic fills me self-disgust and repulsion - I think I'd rather scoop my own eyes out with rusty spoons than read more of the X-men, especially after the terrible Avengers vs X-men... So, it is gonna be interesting to see if my <3 for Stuart Immonen overrides my anti-<3 for Marvel post-AVX. Consolation prize is that I can at least read Kathryn Immonen's Journey Into Mystery launch sans conditioned responses. Journey Into Mystery #646...

bonus from last week:
All-New X-men #1 will (GULP!) be checked out on Wednesday's comic book store visit...


comics coming out 10/24/12 that probably don’t completely suck

10/12/12... should be a banner week in my comics shopping: not only is there a new installment of Brandon Graham's uber-grey-sci-fi-opus-Image-rehash Prophet (ish 30), the 1st installment of his own series Multiple Warheads is coming out! woot!

CBR has a 6 page preview of Prophet #30 here and a 5 page preview of Multiple Warheads #1 here... MW #1 = comic book event of 2012 as far as I'm concerned...

and if I could, I would be here on Weds for the BG signing at Beach Ball Comics (Anaheim)...


comics coming out 10/17/12 that probably don’t completely suck

Darwyn Cooke's Before Watchmen: Minutemen #4
James Stekoe's Godzilla Half-Century War #3